What Kind of Perfume Wearer Are You?

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  • Are you the one who sticks to one perfume no matter what?
  • Seasons, what seasons? You’re still as happy with fragrances from 20 years ago.
  • Or are you the one who feels called out for having a pre-shower, coffee, towel off, in between what scent to wear-scent?
  • Or maybe you have “perfume phases” where you are obsessed with different notes or types of perfume and you suddenly begin to dive into the 50 variations of Chypre.
  • Then one day it’s, I don’t really like citrus fragrances, but let me try 20 just to make sure. And you realize “oh wait, I enjoy 5 of these, I think I’ll deep dive into some of the notes”.
  • You get excited about changing into new clothes or pajamas because it's an opportunity to spray a new fragrance.

Forever ago, I was the one who had all the fragrances for all the right occasions, but would still search and fall in love with just one more. Then I got pregnant, and I went from one end of the spectrum to the other.

No more perfumes for me. I didn’t want the nausea or the headache.

I wasn’t so ready to part with my love of fragrances though, so I continued searching in hopes of finding “the one” again.

But wait, what one? I had so many favorites. Except, during this perfume hiatus, I’d buy perfumes and happily give them away after 2 days.

After 12 years of searching and not finding, I knew I’d better take matters into my own hands if I ever wanted to wear perfume again. I confess the more I learn about this world of perfume, the more I love it.

Ever Present was created as a need to wear perfume again. I was tired of merely tolerating fragrance, or buying and gifting it to my mom 2 days later (which she happily welcomed!). I wanted to find a fragrance that I loved so much, I wouldn't leave my house without that special spritz. I wanted the perfect accessory to complete my outfit.

So at this point in my love of perfume, I’m at seasons, what seasons? There are no seasons in Miami. I only have one true love. Am I biased? Maybe. But, I’m grateful to be open again to trying new scents and hoping to fall in love with some new ones.

I’m still not taking more time in the morning picking my scent of the day than picking my clothes.

Are you?

Btw, I’d love to know what kind of perfume wearer you are. Write back and tell me!

  1. “Season, what season?”
  2. A scent for every occasion!
  3. Just obsessed with that one true note.
  4. Every day a brand new spray between clothes.

 My one true love at the moment, the Ever Present scent that caused THIS kind of reaction? 👇