Hi! I'm Helida

Are you a lover of beautiful fragrances but your senses can’t tolerate traditional perfumes?
Or maybe you’re equally committed to saving our gorgeous planet as you are to walking out the door armed with your new super power and making heads turn when you’re out and about? 
With Marbella you don’t have to compromise!
Hi, I’m Helida!

Through my carefully curated ingredients, I’m here to show you how luxury + nature mix perfectly in a bottle.

A former Industrial Engineer, I began my career in logistics & supply chain management. Now I use my engineering and chemistry background to create intricate perfumes. My focus is to use raw materials that come from small farms and to NEVER work with anything that is endangered or environmentally damaging. No animal testing. Ever.

Marbella perfume fans have expressed feeling “ready, being on a holiday, I can conquer the world, enveloped in goodness, not walking out the door without it, as if I’m going to a ball” when wearing my perfumes.

 Why is this perfume for you?

Because: You want perfume that will leave you feeling…“I finally found what I was looking for”

Because: You love something luxurious and are not afraid to pamper yourself

Because: You like to stand out from the crowd

Because: You’ll stop wondering, “What’s really in my perfume?”

Because: You want the perfume without the headache and go from “Ugh! This is an assault to my senses to love every bit of your scent.”

How can I help you? 

 After being tired of buying perfumes and never finishing a bottle, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted to pick the highest quality ingredients I could find, preferably natural and organic with a big caveat “They HAD to be sustainable and NOT harm the environment”

 I wanted to make sure that I knew what was IN my bottle of perfume and it wasn’t just another product out there making false claims.

In addition, I wanted:

  • Every single material is curated to the highest quality ensuring that each ingredient comes with its own certificate of safety. 
  • The focus is to use raw materials that come from small farmers and NEVER work with anything that is endangered or pose a threat to our environment.
  • No animal testing. Ever. 
  • Each new formula is certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) who promotes the safe use of fragrance and respect for our environment, so you can wear your perfume with confidence. 
  • Small batches, ensuring that your perfume has not been sitting on shelves for months. 

Want to know more about me?

Where are you from? 

I’m from Nicaragua. I grew up on a farm, close to volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by trees, mountains, flowers, rivers, and creeks. My heart is in constant awe of the healing powers of nature. 

What’s your favorite scent? 

I have many, but have to give a shout out to Neroli and Jasmine for its grounding and calming properties, and overall luxurious feel.

Do you make perfume to order? 

Yes. You can have your very own signature scent. Please click on this link below to find out about our bespoke services. 

 Yes, Please! I want one!

 Some More Fun Facts About Me

  • I LOVE perfume but hate the commercial fragrances that are so overpowering. I end up with a headache and can never finish a bottle of perfume.
  • My guilty pleasure is to daydream about traveling. When I travel, I look for the real, local feel rather than hitting the famous places where everybody goes. I love making friends with the locals and finding out about their way of life and favorite spots. My heart is in the countryside and small, quaint cities that may be overlooked by a big travel agenda. 
  • My favorite line from a movie is “As You Wish”, in the Princess Bride. 
  • I’m a foodie. I enjoy cooking and eating out at places where they take pride in high quality food, creative dishes, beautiful presentation, and attention to detail. 
  • I LOVE making perfume because:

o  It unleashes a sense of creativity and power every time I sit to mix scents. It transports me to places and memories that are dear to me. 

o  It feeds my love of traveling and exploring of new places. 

o  It empowers me because I can choose high quality ingredients that contribute to my overall well being, help small communities, and nourish my senses. 

  • My hope is to give YOU a gift of nature in a bottle of perfume. 

 Are you ready to explore? I’m ready!