Custom Fragrance Process


Daydreaming about your very own bespoke fragrance?

 Having your own signature fragrance is more than buying just another perfume bottle. It’s combining your most precious likes, recollecting your fondest memories, and awakening emotions about your favorite places.

 Phase I – Understanding Your Desired Outcome

 The most important aspect of creating a custom scent is two-fold:

  •     To understand what YOU want and 
  •     To ensure that you LOVE your finished fragrance.

 For that reason, the first step in bespoke fragrance creation is for you to fill a questionnaire. This is a MUST, as it will give me an understanding of your desires and expectations. 

 Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for then we will meet online by zoom or face to face if you’re in the Miami area. I will introduce you to an array of aromatic materials and accords to ensure we are on the right track. If we meet online, I will mail you the materials and perfume accords. 

 Phase II – Trial Perfume

 After we’ve narrowed down your choices, I will work on three test versions. As a perfumer, I utilize my knowledge of fragrance materials to add complementary notes to the ones you’ve identified. 

 You’ll select one trial and I will provide you two further adjustments based on your feedback. Then you’ll choose one for me to proceed to a finished formula. 

 Phase III – Finished Perfume

 The finished perfume is left to mature for 4 to 6 weeks. It’s a unique scent, crafted under your artistic direction. This formula belongs to you and will be carefully filed so you can reorder anytime. 

Your bespoke perfume (50 ml bottle) will be personally delivered if you’re in the Miami area or will be shipped by a carrier of your choice. 

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